Although Dennis Bushnell is now retired, his legacy of quality frame building is being carried on at R+E Cycles, in the same shop where Dennis built many of his frames. R+E is also still machining his innovative eccentric bottom bracket, which still bears his name, here in Seattle, USA.

Not Just an 'Eccentric'

Dennis Bushnell built some the lightest, highest peforming bicycles and tandems in the industry for over 25 years. Dennis was selected to hand-build bicycles for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team, the tandem for a record-setting ride ride across the United States, and a long list of professional racers.

But Dennis wasn't just a master frame builder. Frustrated by the problematic devices available for tensioning the timing chain on a tandem, Dennis developed an improved eccentric bottom bracket that was lighter, easier to use, and more reliable than existing options. The winged design eliminated the need to hammer a wedge free and allowed for a lighter-weight eccentric. It was so successful it began to be used to tension chains on single bikes instead of horizontal dropouts!

The Bushnell Eccentric design has seen a few changes through the years to make it even lighter and more reliable, and we believe it is still the best option out there for chain tensioning. Since 2004, the Bushnell EBB has been made at R+E Cycles in Seattle to the same exacting standards as always. The modern version comes anodized for a slicker look, and delivers the same reliability as Bushnell customers have come to expect, but at only 140g.

Feel free to stop by R+E for a tour of the machine shop and frame shop!